Purple Dress

So, after the exchange the other day with Purple Dress (can’t think of better name for her at the moment, fuck it) she called me back later that night. I missed the call because I was on the other line. I meant to hit her back, but I forgot to.

I called her the next night, which was a Tuesday. We talked for a little bit and then I set up plans to chill with her Thursday. I admit, I didn’t set up great plans. ”We should do something Thursday night.” “Okay.” Was basically the gist of it.

I kept thinking of what to do with her. I got my new first date bar and area that I like, but I just went there with Genie on Wednesday, do I really want to show up at the same bar with a different chick the very next night?

I told myself I’d go on the date with Genie Wednesday night and then make that decision based on how that date went and how I liked the bar. The date with Genie went well, but I still didn’t know if I wanted to go to the same exact bar the very next night.

I couldn’t think of what I wanted to do. Late in the afternoon Thursday, I still hadn’t hit Purple Dress up to make plans. Wonka, you’re slacking, just hit the bitch up and do something, shit!

I figured fuck it, we’ll try another bar on the same street, so I text her:

“My girl Purple Dress… What’s up?”

“Shit nothing much just at work… n u”

“Same here…. We chillin tonight right? Meet me for a couple drinks at [bar] ([address]) at 9:00.”

“They aint gone let me in…. my i.d got lost…”

I’m thinking… what the fuck? Her ID got lost? Damn, I really do need some better non-alcoholic first date choices. I did playing pool with The Athlete, and I’ve done a couple with Crush…. first thing that comes to mind is the most recent date with Crush, the root beer float date… I decide, fuck it, I’ll just roll with that idea….

“Oh ok… We could do somethin else then, like hit [place] on [intersection] and get some milkshakes” (They don’t just have root beer floats, they got shakes and malts and shit too of course….)

“Whut time?”


“Alrite bet…if anything change I will let u kno…”

“Bet… Ill see u then”


I’m thinking it’ll be alright. I get home from work, take a nap, eat, watch some of the NBA Draft and then realize it’s already 7:30, I need to do my p90x like right now, so I get out of the door by 9.

While, I’m working out, I get a text from her around 8:20, “My cousin is gone with my car… im tryin to call him but it keep goin to voice mail…”

Shit. Now, what the fuck do I do?

I hit her back with this: “Oh okay… Well let me know what’s up. Or if u need me to come scoop ya….”

She responds, “U probably gone have to do that… but damn my car… lol… but if u can we can just chill…”

I didn’t really understand what she meant by the “but if u can we can just chill” part. Perhaps, I should have inquired about that? I kind of just left it alone though, and responded:

“Alright… Ill call u when im bout to head out”


I finish my workout and drink my protein shake and now it’s right about 9:00. I call her… no answer.

I hop in the shower, thinking, hoping that she’ll call me back while I’m in the shower and everything will be good. I’m starting to have my doubts though, this is starting to feel like a flake.

I get out the shower. Nope, she hasn’t called back. Fuck it, I text her, “I just got out the shower…. U ready to roll?”

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I Wanna Get To Know Ya She responds, “Yea… give me like 30 mins.”

I respond, “Alright.. U got ya car or u need me to scoop ya?”

She doesn’t respond to this. An hour goes by, I’m feeling like it’s a done deal, I know it’s a done deal. Another flaky bitch, another wasted night. I’m really getting sick of this shit.

I shoot her one last text message just to see if she’ll respond, “I don’t know what happened to you… But im bout to go to bed now, Im tired than a bitch”

She doesn’t respond.

I definitely feel like I just blew what should have been an easy notch. Over here taking these L’s again. Damnit anyway.