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Sorry to hear you suffered through an environmentally difficult day and glad all is better now. Your words are very interesting and enlightening. The example of having to call in another man to fix something when your husband has been so mechanically precise is akin to when a man is lost and will not stop for directions. The male ego, so strong yet so fragile in some regards. Not a slight to the gentlemen readers here, rather it is a matter of genetic programming. Men are coded for survival which means they must be bigger, better, stronger at achieving tasks...then the next man. Like you, the man I am with has excellent mechanical skills. I have no reason to ever believe he can't fix anything. After reading your words, I will always be sensitive and patient to his efforts to fix and never, ever say an impatient word. Or try to lead him to a solution by suggesting he call in for help. He knows what he is doing and will know when he needs to consult. I will always be grateful he is so smart. And tell him so. And I will always appreciate his efforts to assist me and not feel that he views me as incapable of my own mechanically oriented tasks, rather he is only doing what he knows best. Sam......Just because a woman has given her man the "right" to take her in hand and to take her sexually whenever he feels the need does not mean the man becomes a selfish prig unable to be sensitive to his woman's needs and moods at any given time. While he may make occasional errors in discerning when is the right time to take her, typically, if he truly loves her, he will be in tune with his woman and will know when it is the time to press his advantage. You describe this quite well. I can say that I can only speak for my marriage. My hubby does not really demand sex from me. Or at least he has not verbalized so. He is pretty understanding. But I am always available unless for health reasons. Frankly, it turns me on know that I should be available to him all the time. He is gracious enough to ask if I'm too tired. Although he knows that I am probably going to happily oblige anyway. He works second shift so when I go to bed I often leave a note saying I am in the mood. Maybe I am putting too much pressure on him. I have been trying to be more patient and just let him take the lead and let him initiate it. But, if there's a problem or concern, I do give him information about it. I've got a health issue. I am flat-dead tired, and may fall asleep. I am not feeling our connection as strongly as I need to.

I am obligated to serve his need, regardless of any of this. But he is equally obligated to look out for my health and well-being. The information I give him allows him to make the best decisions regarding my welfare. Sometimes, when he considers my information and decides to put my comfort ahead of his need, I admit that I feel very cherished, protected, and loved.

And sometimes, after considering what I've told him, he decides to take me anyway. That's his right, and it pleases me to be the one who receives his passion. That's how it works at our house. It's like any other position of authority. Rights accompany Responsibilities, which accompany Rights. I've never been in a position where I've had the right without the accompanying responsibility. Come to think of it, I don't believe that I would value the right if this were the situation. I want to earn the right by my attention to my responsibility. This particular right to require the availability of my wife when I need her comes with the overall responsibility for the well-being of my wife - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Quite a heavy responsibility, isn't it? And, by my rules, this responsibility is of the higher order and comes before my right can be exercised.

Her submission and availability follow the practice - not just the theory - of this self-imposed rule. It's sort of like a dance where I lead and she follows. Over the years, the more that she gained confidence in my ability to guide us across the dance floor, the lighter she has become in my arms.

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